What can ED do for you? 

  • Your organization can now take what you’ve learned about the Deming Philosophy and continue the learning through a robust software application.
  • Consultants can employ a more dynamic working relationship with their clients. The permissions-based ED software will enable real-time access and ability to work together, whether in person or from a distance.
  • You can now take the same approach Dr. Deming took with the country of Japan and deploy it in your organization - whether one person or 100,000 - in a very cost-effective manner that is endorsed and utilized by the non-profit organization Dr. Deming created to carry on his work.





The Story of ED

A message from Kevin Cahill, Executive Director, The W. Edwards Deming Institute® 

 Flow Chart
This chart was used in Japan in August 1950.*
Beginning in 1950, my grandfather, Dr. Deming, had a system flow diagram similar to the above image on the blackboard of every conference he conducted with Japan’s top business management. During the decade, business leaders representing 80% of the capital of Japan attended those meetings. The extraordinary commitment to learning and utilizing this system flow as well as their continual learning, understanding and application was key to their economic revival after World War II.  
In his book, The New Economics, Dr. Deming made it clear that, “This simple flow diagram was on the blackboard at every conference with top management in 1950 and onward."** “The flow diagram…was the spark that in 1950 and onward turned Japan around. It displayed to top management and to engineers a system of production. The Japanese had knowledge, great knowledge, but it was in bits and pieces, uncoordinated. This flow diagram directed their knowledge and efforts into a system of production, geared to the market - namely, prediction of needs of customers."* In the example of Japan, “The boundary of the system would be all Japan.”***

Deming in Japan 

At The Deming Institute, it is critical to our effectiveness and efficiency that we continually improve our understanding and application of the Deming Philosophy. As with Dr. Deming, we do our best every day. The one challenge we faced for many years was making our organization visible as a system. We worked with a number of very knowledgeable people through the years, and their insight and guidance was valuable.What we needed was a robust, easy to access and straightforward means of making our Deming Institute system visible to our own organization, including our board members and partners.  

Fortunately, our work with TJ and Amber Gokcen (whose company, Acquate, designed and launched our current Deming Institute website) led to a series of discussions on system diagrams and how we could answer the questions many who attend our workshops, conferences and seminars ask: How do we get started on our own “organization viewed as a system” diagram? And, how do we tie that into changes for improvement and work on our PDSA’s, detailed process flow diagrams, control charts, etc.? So we began working with Acquate on a cloud based software answer, while also providing unparalleled access and the legal rights to The Deming Institute’s assets for use in the software.

Most recently, work with PQ Systems and their generous time has led to a powerful series of control charts incorporated in the software. MIT Press has also generously provided access to Dr. Deming’s books Out of the Crisis and The New Economics for use in the software. We look forward to announcing future partners in upcoming updates. 

The result is a dynamic and powerful online software suite named ED (as in Ed Deming) that we use to lead The Deming Institute with a systems view. Other organizations are also signed up and using it with great success. Acquate is determined to help The Deming Institute fulfill its aim, and we believe this software is an important step in that direction.

While we use ED to manage The Deming Institute, we are also very grateful that Acquate provides us with a royalty for each use of ED that goes toward our programs and achieving our aim of “Enriching Society through the Deming Philosophy.”



I encourage you to reach out to Acquate through their ED website for a demo, or contact Acquate at [email protected] You may also reach out to us at staf[email protected] if you have questions.


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