Education and Instruction

Educating and instructing interested organizations and individuals on the theories and teachings of Dr. Deming has always been a main focus of the W. Edwards Deming Institute. After all, Dr. Deming was not only a remarkable thinker, he was a great educator and proponent of the importance of education and lifelong learning.  
Currently, the Institute is engaged in supporting education and the instruction of Dr. Deming’s theories and teachings in a number of significant ways, including sponsoring hands-on seminars and in-depth conferences. All are designed to foster understanding and application of Dr. Deming’s theories and teachings, as well as create dialog and cooperation between leaders and decision makers in business, education and government.  

Two-and-One-Half-Day Seminar

This Institute-facilitated seminar covers Dr. Deming’s theories and understanding how to transform the management practices in your organization. Learn what it takes and how to work together with the aim for everyone to win. Understand how to overcome practices, policies and strategies that are destructive to your organization and focus on creating a system of continual improvement.  

Half-Day and One-Day Workshops

Workshops length is determined by need and material covered. Workshops cover an introduction to Dr. Deming’s theories and overview on a variety of subjects such as transformation, innovation, productivity and capability through the lens of Dr. Deming’s Management theories.

Four-Day Seminar

This seminar is built on videos of Dr. Deming presenting his theories in combination with live facilitation to create an interactive learning environment. Facilitated discussion following each video segment provides an opportunity to deepen understanding of the concepts and how to utilize them in your organization.  

Four-Day Quality Learning Seminars

Facilitated by David Langford, this intensive four-day seminar introduces you to Quality Learning principles, history, tools and applications to learning. Participants gain the vision, purpose and capacity for quality implementation in your classroom or organization.  

Two-Day Leadership Seminar

Facilitated by David Langford, the Two-Day Leadership Seminar is an immersion into using the tools, concepts and philosophy of Quality Learning. Participants are asked to bring both questions and success stories to the seminar to share with other participants and to gain feedback on next steps. This rich learning environment is a model for teachers, facilitators and administrators at any level of education.  

International Deming Research Seminar

This two-day educational forum presents selected papers that extend and expand on Dr. Deming's work, as well as describe applications of Dr. Deming’s management ideas in organizations.  Establish at Fordham University and held in Washington DC since 2015.

Annual Conference

This is a themed three-day event that brings together practitioners, students, executives, administrators, managers, educators and individual contributors. Typically, it is held at a prestigious university in the United States.  

The Deming Institute Scholarship Program

The WEDI Scholarship Program gives students and individuals from non-profit organizations, businesses and educational institutions access to the teachings of Dr. Deming. Scholarships are awarded throughout the year for attendance at WEDI conferences and seminars, and to support research related to the theories of Dr. Deming.  

Research Guidance and Support

The Institute provides guidance and support to researchers on topics related to Dr. Deming, acts as a liaison to libraries and other repositories, and establishes methods of oversight to assure the integrity of the use of intellectual property rights.  

Preservation of Dr. Deming’s Works

The Institute has become a repository for important information and materials about Dr. Deming and his work and has donated collections of professional papers to the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. The Institute has made many of these resources available on its website, including many of Dr. Deming’s published articles.