Can I visit the Institute?

The W. Edwards Deming Institute® is a virtual organization, with no brick and mortar facility. Our staff, board and committee members work collaboratively from locations all across the US. They also gather throughout the year for meetings, retreats, and Deming Institute events. 


Is the Deming Institute a private foundation?

The Deming Institute is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit but the IRS has determined that we are not a private foundation. The Institute is a public charity, which relies on income from our educational programs and events and charitable contributions from individual donors, businesses, private foundations and other nonprofits. As a nonprofit organization, the money we raise goes to support our programs and services, scholarships, educational events and special initiatives, and to strengthen our operations in pursuit of our aim.


Was Dr. W. Edwards Deming the founder of the Institute?

The Institute was established by Dr. Deming and his family shortly before Dr. Deming’s passing in December 1993, to fulfill his wish of creating a nonprofit organization that would carry on his life’s work. True to his philosophy, Dr. Deming believed the organization should be a collaborative community effort, so he did not fund its establishment or ongoing operations.


How can I become a member of The Deming Institute?

The Deming Institute isn’t a membership organization - we welcome everyone to be a part of our community. If you would like to be added to our mailing list to receive our email news and announcements, click here. You can also join our online communities on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


What kind of volunteer opportunities do you offer?

As a virtual organization, we don’t have on-site volunteer opportunities. However, we often need volunteer help with special projects or for our events - tasks such as pre-event prep, registration, set up, and extra hands during session activities. If you’re interested in helping out, let us know by filling out our contact form. Please include your city and state and any special interests or skills you’d like to contribute. We’ll let you know about volunteer projects that can be done remotely, or events we’re planning in your area.


Does the Deming Institute offer internships?

If you are interested in an internship, please contact our Executive Director, Kevin Cahill.


Are scholarships available for seminars and conferences and what are the requirements?

A limited number of scholarships are available for our educational events. Check the event page for information on the scholarships we are offering for a specific event, and the requirements. You can apply by filling out an online form. 


How do I become a facilitator for the seminars or conferences?

The Deming Institute facilitators have all completed an intensive six-day training program to learn how to present our seminars. At this time we do not have a future facilitator training program planned. However, if you are interested, please contact our Executive Director, Kevin Cahill.


How can I be “certified” by the W. Edwards Deming Institute?

The Institute does not have a certification program. Rather, we work to foster an understanding of Dr. Deming’s philosophy through resources on our website, our podcasts and videos, and our seminars, conferences and workshops. We encourage those interested to read Dr. Deming’s books Out of the Crisis and The New Economics as well as his archived papers, available on our website.




Where can I find a schedule of upcoming events?

Click here to see our current schedule of events.


What is the content of the Two-and-One-Half-Day Seminar?

The seminar is based on the work of W. Edwards Deming and addresses a number of management principles that are not well understood in many organizations. Facilitated discussions on systems, statistical variation, theory of knowledge and psychology of people are supplemented with corporate life examples. A number of interactive exercises help to clarify the concepts. Two of Deming's books, Out of the Crisis and The New Economics, will be given to participants of the seminar.


What is the difference between the Two-and-One-Half-Day Seminar and Four-Day Seminar?

The Four-Day Seminar is built on archive videos of Dr. Deming, blending video footage of Dr. Deming presenting his theories with live facilitation to create an interactive learning experience. The audience’s task is to pull out the meaning from Dr. Deming’s descriptions and adapt it to their situation. Facilitated discussions following each segment give you an opportunity to translate the concepts for deeper understanding and contribute additional knowledge and perspective that you may find helpful.

Each day the group watches a 30- to 45-minute video of Dr. Deming presenting his theories, followed by 30 to 45 minutes of facilitated discussion. Interactive sessions are planned throughout the four days. These activities make the learning transparent to help “bring to life” a few selected concepts, allowing the audience to reflect on the meanings for them and their environment.



What is the difference between PDSA Cycle and PDCA Cycle?

Dr. Deming never accepted or used a PDCA cycle in his work. His approach was the PDSA cycle, which is very different. Click here to read Ron Moen’s article on the difference and origins of both the PDSA and PDCA cycles. Ron worked extensively with Dr. Deming and shares insight into Deming’s use of the PDSA cycle and its origins.


Where can I find quotes by Dr. Deming?

Visit our Deming quotes site at for quotes by Dr. Deming and information on their source and history. You can search for quotes by topic such as management, education, innovation, systems thinking and more.



Can I use The W. Edwards Deming Institute logo on my business card, lecture material, and so on?

We appreciate the efforts of those who would like to encourage awareness of Dr. Deming’s teachings, however, The W. Edwards Deming Institute® logo is trademarked and only to be used for official Deming Institute purposes.


How do I request permission to reprint the PDSA Cycle or other content from your website?

To request permission to reprint the PDSA Cycle from our website, please fill out our contact form and let us know how you plan to use the PDSA cycle. We will respond as soon as possible to let you know if your request has been approved.


If you have additional questions, please fill out our contact form.