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For over 60 years, Dr. W. Edwards Deming worked closely with students, faculty, and staff at various educational institutions to share his management theory and its application. Inspired by his passion and inititative, The Deming Institute recently unveiled a fellowship program to engage researchers who share our desire to both expand and deepen the understanding and application of Dr. Deming’s management philosophy among a new generation of students and scholars.  

Beginning in 2015, the W. Edwards Deming Research Fellow has been conferred to a select group of scholars and practitioners to further the aim of The Institute of connecting the world of research, teaching, and professional practice with Dr. Deming’s transformative philosophy. Towards this end, Research Fellows are engaged in a deep and on-going commitment to the principles of Dr. Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge®, continually demonstrating how they are incorporating these principles directly into their academic and professional practice.

W. Edwards Deming Research Fellows are extended by invitation from The Deming Institute and appointed by its Executive Director, Kevin Cahill, with the approval of its Board of Trustees. Fellows must hold a leadership position for at least five years in a prominent organization in one or more of the following areas: academia, public sector, private business, and/or non-profit. There are no more than three fellows in residence at any given time, each with a three-year term, and no more than one representing a focused research area. Candidates are committed to a long-term agenda which is devoted to expanding the Deming philosophy in academic and/or professional practice in vigorous and innovative ways.

The inaugural W. Edwards Deming Research Fellowship position was extended to Professor Ravi K. Roy of Southern Utah University in 2016 for his research in promoting Dr. Deming’s work in the area of Public Affairs.   To learn more about Dr. Roy, click on his name below.


Dr. Ravi K. Roy

Ravi Roy


Dr. Ravi K. Roy is the inaugural W. Edwards Deming Fellow with the Institute. He also serves as Director of the Public Administration program at Southern Utah University. Prior to this, he served as both the Director of the Post-Graduate Program in International Development at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia (2009-2011) as well as the Director of MPA program at California State University, Northridge in California (2011-2013.) Ravi earned his Bachelors degree in Political Science at UCLA before going to earn his Masters and a PhD in Public Policy/Political Science at Claremont Graduate University, one of only four private Research-1 institutions in California. See More