Research and Resources

The theories and teachings of Dr. W. Edwards Deming have been the subject of continuous study inside and outside the halls of academia since they were first introduced.

This is why The Deming Institute has made promoting and disseminating research related to Dr. Deming and his work, one of its main areas of focus. The Institute provides guidance and support to researchers on topics related to Dr. Deming, acts as a liaison to libraries and other repositories, and establishes methods of oversight to assure the integrity of the use of intellectual property rights.

The Institute has become a repository for important information and materials about Dr. Deming and his work, as well as selected works of others. Many are available in The Man and The Deming Store sections of this website, including The Deming Library. Produced in collaboration with Dr. Deming, the Deming Library is an extensive and authoritative presentation of his theories and teachings.

The Institute is also involved in preserving Dr. Deming’s own works. For example, the Institute has donated a large collection of his professional papers, including notes, correspondence and the drafts of Dr. Deming’s seminal books Out of the Crisis and The New Economics. These and other important archival materials are available at the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. A number of individuals and organizations that worked with Dr. Deming have donated their papers, videos and correspondence to The Deming Institute. As these are scanned and catalogued, they will be made available through the website and other digital means.

Currently Available Resources Include:

Video Collection: Six unique video collections are available for purchase. Five were filmed as Dr. Deming delivered his Four Day seminar, yet each is distinct. The sixth, is The Deming Library which was a collaboration between producer Clare Crawford-Mason and Dr. Deming. It was created from 1986-1993. Please review the description of the sets to determine the one best suited for your use.

Publications: Dr. Deming published over 170 articles. The W. Edwards Deming Institute has a limited number of reprints from 1949 to 1986. These reprints are available from the Institute for a donation to cover shipping and handling.

Library Of Congress: Much of Dr. Deming's work is housed and available at the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress made a formal request for Dr. Deming's professional papers soon after his death. They were donated by The W. Edwards Deming Institute and are available at the Manuscript Division of the Library in Washington, D. C. It is a large collection that contains notes, correspondence and the drafts of Out of the Crisis and The New Economics. The division’s policies and procedures are located on the site. Note, the Deming Papers are stored offsite. A researcher must identify the containers they would like to consult, then state the dates of their visit to the Library. Please telephone the Manuscript Reading Room at 202-707-5387 or by email at Please allow a week for delivery. Note that The Deming Institute has five travel grants annually available for study of the Deming Collection at the Library of Congress.

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In addition, The Recorded Sound and Motion Picture Division of the Library of Congress has a collection of over 500 audiotapes and videotapes featuring Dr. Deming that was donated by The W. Edwards Deming Institute. Many films show him at seminars, delivering lectures, accepting awards, meeting with clients and in informal conversations. Please contact the Library at 202-707-7833 for information.

Personalized Postage Stamps: A personalized postage stamp with Dr. Deming’s photograph and name is available for purchase. The stamp is offered in three sizes to suit your choice. Most postal machines will not leave postmarks on these postage stamps, so the recipient of your letter can enjoy Dr. Deming's image.

Books: The following is a list of books authored by Dr. Deming and links to the publishers for purchase.