Dave Nave
Improvement Advisor and Management Engineer

Introduced to Dr. Deming’s ideas in 1985 while working as a Manufacturing Engineer at Borg-Warner Automotive, Dave graduated from the first class of the Deming Scholars Program with a MBA in Management Systems (Fordham University) and has participated and supported The W. Edwards Deming Institute since its inception in 1993.

He has been: a SPC Coordinator at General Dynamics-Convair Division and selected for the Process Improvement taskforce at General Dynamics-Space and Electronic Group; on the Board of Examiners for the Washington State Quality Award; a local WEDI representative for the ‘Tacoma Partnership’; one of 12 people to revise The Deming Institute’s flagship training course and named as a ‘Education and Training Representative’: co-conducted eight of the Deming Institute’s ‘Quality, Productivity and Competitive Position’ seminars, a Four Day Video Seminar for Advanced Students. Dave is the author of: How To Compare Six Sigma, Lean and the Theory of Constraints: A framework for choosing what’s best for your organization, March 2002 ASQ - Quality Progress, and Improvement Triad: Processes, Products, and Management Practices, Winter 2008 SAVE International - Value World. Peter Scholtes said that Dave’s “work to be thorough and painstakingly precise. His editing of The Leader’s Handbook (1998 McGraw Hill) was accurate and exacting, the most thorough of the reviews. Comments on the context of the text were insightful and his questions were tough. I incorporated almost every suggestion and my book benefited from it.” Dave is a participant of the In2:InThinking Network, has a BS in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from the University of Southern Colorado, is a Certified Manufacturing Engineer, and a member of American Society for Quality.