Lori R. Fry
Management Consultant

Lori Fry’s focus is developing and supporting cultures of quality and great opportunity. She has been a business management consultant for more than 20 years and is passionate about making workplaces great places to work. She is known for her successful leadership of the people side of complex technology implementations and business model transformation. She is often tapped to advise teams through the challenges associated with significant change. Her experiences have informed her appreciation for the Deming Leadership System™ and the System of Profound Knowledge® (SoPK); SoPK is the overarching framework through which Lori addresses her client work.

In this September 2017 Deming Institute podcast, Lori shares her inspiration for launching her blog, The Dignity (at work) Project. The blog aims to engage readers in compelling experiences—that mirror their own—so they can see how the System of Profound Knowledge can transform their work and their lives.

Lori is a Principal Consultant with Navigator Management Partners and currently focuses on business model design and organizational change leadership in digital transformation. Before joining Navigator, she was a Senior Manager with a global professional services firm, where she led the people side of large-scale IT implementations, and design and implementation of Finance IT and HR shared services organizations.