Patricia A. Clark
Business Consultant & Strategist

Patricia Clark is a business consultant and strategist whose expertise evolved from human services through finance and business management to consulting in quality and program management, business strategy and organizational effectiveness. Her clients include large and small businesses, federal, state and local governments, nonprofits, associations, start-ups, manufacturing, e-commerce, telecom and academia.

Clark has lectured at the Fordham Deming Scholars program, presented at conferences on “joy in work” and coordinated several Institute conferences on the topic. She served on the steering committee of the Deming Institute’s Community Partnership Project. This multiyear initiative, during which the Institute partnered with the City of Tacoma, Washington, to apply quality management principles to community issues, culminated in a Breakthrough Collaborative on family violence. Clark is currently active in a nascent movement in the Washington, DC, area to develop a multigenerational network to provide services to neighborhood residents who want to age in place.