Introduction to the Deming Management Method | 8-Hour Workshop

This 8-hour immersion program is for leaders at all levels of management. The focus is on the foundations of teamwork and the connecting power and financial potential this provides to all organizations. As Dr. Deming believed, working together is fundamental to solving and preventing problems, while providing us the ability to “do more with less.”

This interactive workshop aims to reveal blind spots to teamwork and presents new fundamental concepts and strategies from the Deming Management Method. These strategies will shift organizations in a new direction, embedded with the vibrant benefits of a collaborative environment. This powerful new framework, enables leaders to better manage their resources, time, money, knowledge, equipment, and people.

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If you are interested in a private 8-hour workshop for your organization, please contact us for more information and pricing at [email protected] or by phone at 206-395-3084. 

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