Selected papers by W. Edwards Deming

Dr. Deming published over 170 articles, wrote numerous unpublished papers for his students and clients, and conducted hundreds of studies for clients. These and numerous other writings by Dr. Deming are in the National Archives, The Library of Congress (LOC) in Washington, DC. To access this collection, call the LOC Manuscript Division. Since access to the collection is restricted, please call the LOC at 202-707-5387 to receive an access form.

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Observations on the 1946 Elections in Greece  
On a method of estimating birth and death rates and extent of registration  
On an important limitation to the use of data from samples  
Sampling in a government statistical system  
A statistical test of significance applied to a sociological problem  
On the distinction between enumerative and analytic surveys > View Synopsis
Statistical techniques and international trade  
Management's responsibility for the use of statistical techniques in industry  
On the presentation of the results of sample surveys as legal evidence  
On a probability mechanism to attain an economic balance between the error of response and the bias of nonresponse  
On the Teaching of Statistical Principles and Techniques to People in Industry > View Synopsis
Die Verantwortung der Betriebsfuhrung fur die Anwendung Statistischer Methoden in der deutschen Industrie  
On the simplifications of sampling design through replication with equal probabilities and without stages  
On the contributions of statistical standards to law and accounting  
On the use of theory > View Synopsis
Standards of probability sampling for legal evidence  
On the problem of matching lists by samples  
Principles of professional statistical practice  
On some new methods and concepts in sampling  
Uncertainties in Statistical Data, and Their Relation to the Design and Management of Statistical Surveys and Experiments > View Synopsis
Some stratified sampling plans in replicated designs > View Synopsis
Design of a replicated sample to measure the change in value of an inventory  
Some statistical principles for efficient design of surveys and experiments  
On the correction of mathematical bias by use of replicated designs  
On some of the contributions of interpenetrating networks of samples  
On the use of sampling in management and research > View Synopsis
Some responsibilities of a statistician  
Some remarks on recent advances in the statistical control of quality in Japan  
Theory of surveys to estimate a roving population  
A review of regression estimators  
Code of professional conduct  
What happened in Japan? > View Synopsis
A Markovian analysis of the life of newspaper subscriptions  
Interaction measurements in psychiatric patients with early total deafness  
Boundaries of statistical inference  
An Efficient Procedure for Audit of Accounts Receivable > View Synopsis
Changes in fertility rates of schizophrenic patients in New York State  
Statistical Control of Quality in Japan > View Synopsis
A further account of the idiots savants  
Some Statistical Logic in the Management of Quality > View Synopsis
On Variances of Estimators of a Total Population Under Several Procedures of Sampling > View Synopsis
Some Points About Standard Error > View Synopsis
Some Theory on the Influence of the Inspector and Environmental Conditions, with an Example > View Synopsis
On Probability As a Basis For Action > View Synopsis
Code of Professional Conduct > View Synopsis
Statistician's Report to Management > View Synopsis
The Logic of Evaluation > View Synopsis
On Some Statistical Aids Toward Economic Production > View Synopsis
On Trends in the Diagnosis of Schizophrenia > View Synopsis
On Some Critical Points in Survey Sampling > View Synopsis
On the Use of Judgment-Samples > View Synopsis
An Essay on Screening, or on Two-phase Sampling, applied to Surveys of a Community > View Synopsis
On a Rational Relationship For Certain Costs of Handling Motor Freight Part I. Over the Platform > View Synopsis
On a Rational Relationship For Certain Costs of Handling Motor Freight Part II. Stop-Time at Pickup and Delivery > View Synopsis
Some Contributions to Statistical Inference and Practice > View Synopsis
On a Problem in Standards of Auditing From the Viewpoint of Statistical Practice Practice > View Synopsis
On The Statistician's Contribution to Quality > View Synopsis
Transformation of Western Style of Management > View Synopsis
Some Notes on Management In A Hospital > View Synopsis
On statistical techniques in industry as a natural resource  
Some Problems in the Sampling of Bulk Materials  
On the Sampling of Physical Materials 1950  
Some Remarks on Statistical Control of Quality in Japan  

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