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12/7/21 Deming philosophy is seriously needed for the business today, especially in this global pandemic crisis. However, not a lot of organizations deeply understand deming's philosophy. They may go thru a lot of trainings, but not deeply understand.
11/30/21 I met the Good Doctor in Rochester NY, I knew his message is positive & ever-lasting. I was also honored by keeping in touch with his family where I learned more, I make it my goal to continue, to get get His message out
11/30/21 Deming is it
11/30/21 Dr. Deming helped inspire me to be a lifelong learner. I'm giving to support scholarships, so that others may learn about Deming's transformational work, helps pay his inspiration forward.
11/23/21 Dr Deming's philosophies help to transform business productivity through a compassionate and humane approach.
11/23/21 The work of Dr. Deming keeps on giving.
11/19/21 I want to give back to the institute as at one time they have given to me. Providing the teachings has given me a tool to share with others. Which I am very thankful for.
11/19/21 I realized my master and PhD on Total Quality Management in Japan and learned a lot at JUSE about Dr. Deming work. Nowadays, I am professor teaching Quality Management and Dr. Deming Philosophy. A small donation to continue the great legacy of Dr. Deming.
Natalie L 11/19/21 Tapping into your purpose is powerful! Dr. Deming's teachings helped me align my values with how I grow my business. Thank you!
11/19/21 I believe that to ask is to receive and I just received a wonderful opportunity and I'm just passing it along. Happy Thanksgiving and please keep up the good work. The world needs you!
11/17/21 You're doing a great job, Deming Institute!
11/16/21 I'm so impressed by how many new and exciting things are going on at the Insitute!
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