The W. Edwards Deming Institute® Organisations as Unusual Workshop (Shift from Big Problems to Great Opportunities)

 May 8-9, 2017 London, UK

 Presented by The W. Edwards Deming Institute® in partnership with Sustainability & CSR Insights©


 “We are in a new economic age. We can no longer live with commonly accepted levels of delays, mistakes, defective materials and defective workmanship….The prevailing style of management must undergo transformation. A system cannot understand itself. The transformation requires a view from outside.”



The Deming Institute is proud to offer a new 8-hour immersion program, targeted at leaders at all levels of organizations, with a focus on revisiting the foundations of teamwork, the connecting power and potential of all organizations.  

As we are reminded by Dr. Deming, a reliance on working together is fundamental to both solving problems, preventing problems, while providing us the ability to “do more with less.” 

This workshop reveals blind spots to teamwork that form the foundation of “Organizations as Usual” and presents fundamental concepts and strategies from the Deming Management Method for shifting these organizations in the direction of “Unusual,” embedded with the vibrant attributes and results of a collaborative environment.

Between his “discovery” by US industry in 1980 and his death in 1993, Dr. Deming became more and more aware of the limitations of “Organization as Usual,” ever consumed and frustrated by “commonly accepted levels of delays, mistakes, defective materials and defective workmanship.”   As expressed in his articles and seminars, Dr. Deming saw these results as symptoms of how individuals and organizations think and act.   Specifically, how they act when managing their resources, including time, money, knowledge, equipment, and people.  

Using a highly interactive format, this workshop provides a stark contrast between “Organizations as Usual” and “Organizations as Unusual,” including a proposal for how to shift organizational resources from an emphasis on solving problems to an emphasis on preventing problem, as well as discovering hidden opportunities for gainful investment.  Such a dramatic change requires awareness of how organizations both understand and manage systems, variation, people (psychology), and knowledge, the four interdependent elements of Dr. Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge®, the cornerstone of his distinctive management method.


Workshop Objective: The objective of this 8-hour workshop, presented in two 4-hour parts, over the course of two days, is to demonstrate and explore the unlimited potential of “Organizations as Unusual,” with a very practical focus on how we think, learn, and work together, built upon a foundation of Dr. Deming’s Management Method.    

Upon successful completion of the 8-hour workshop, delegates receive a certification from The W. Edwards Deming Institute®.


Who Should Attend

The W. Edwards Deming Institute® Sustainability Strategy Program would benefit senior management, company directors, Quality Managers, Safety Managers, Environmental Managers, CSR/Sustainability Managers, Marketing and early career professionals who are involved in Sustainability/CSR implementation and reporting.



Bill Bellows, Ph.D., Deputy Director, The W. Edwards Deming Institute®



Monday, May 8, 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Tuesday, May 9, 9:00 am - 1:30 pm



Saint-Gobain Innovation Centre
95 Great Portland Street 
W1W 7NY London
United Kingdom



Cost:  £750 ($936)

Registration is through Sustainability & CSR Insights©.

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