Management System

The System of Profound Knowledge®The Fourteen Points For The Transformation Of ManagementThe Seven Deadly DiseasesThe Funnel ExperimentThe Red Bead ExperimentThe Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) Cycle

These theories and teachings hold an important place in the world of science and critical thinking, serving as the foundation for virtually every contemporary school of quality control, management theory and leadership philosophy.

They have been studied, discussed, taught and put into practice by hundreds of thousands of people working in tens of thousands of different businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions around the world.

When properly understood and applied, the theories and teachings of Dr. Deming help to achieve some of the most inspiring and sought after goals of any organization or individual—continual improvement and working together with the aim for everybody to win. As such, they remain as relevant and influential today as when they were first introduced.

Listed below are a number of the seminal theories and teachings of Dr. Deming. A brief description of each one can be found by clicking on the links in the graphic below.

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