Tim Higgins

President, In2:InThinking Network
Tim Higgins

Retired from 27 years at Rocketdyne in engineering, manufacturing and quality, Tim has worked as a NASA Safety and Mission Assurance Specialist for the last 10 years. He is a Partner of InVista Associates, Inc., working to assist organizations, particularly small to medium sized aerospace enterprises, develop the skills and knowledge to engage in a cycle of continuously moving from where they are to where they could be. He is President of the In2:InThinking Network, a non-profit aimed at increasing awareness of our thinking and how it dictates our behaviors.

Tim plays o jogo bonito (the beautiful game) five days a week. Interacting with his Brazilian wife (who claims she is not short, but “concentrated”) and with his multilingual and joyful learner son, help to wear him out, give him much pleasure and keep him alert and agile.

Tim spoke wtih us in this January 2017 podcast and shared insights from his 30+ years of studying, applying, and illuminating The Deming System of Profound Knowledge®.

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