Shift from “Me” to “We” Thinking & Behaviors | 6-Hour Workshop

Discover and Address Hidden Barriers to Teamwork

“It would be better if everyone would work together as a system, with the aim for everybody to win.”

This 6-hour immersion program, presented in one day, is for leaders at all levels of management. You will focus on the foundations of teamwork and the connecting power and financial potential this approach can unleash for your organization. As Dr. Deming believed, working together is fundamental to solving and preventing problems, while providing you the ability to “do more with less.”

Learn how to reveal blind spots to teamwork. Absorb the fundamental concepts and strategies from the Deming Management Method and how these strategies will shift your organization in a new, “We” direction, embedded with the vibrant benefits of a collaborative environment. As you lead your organization through this powerful new framework, you will better manage your resources, including time, money, knowledge, equipment, and people.

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