The New Economics Study Sessions


What is Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge?
Why is it even more relevant today than ever?
How can my organization effectively “do Deming?”

We dig deeply into these topics and more in this highly interactive, 9-week series! Limited to just 30 attendees, participants will have the unique opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, and pick the brains of expert facilitators with extensive experience studying, applying, and illuminating the Deming Philosophy. Whether you are new to Deming or need a refresher, you’ll come away with new-found inspiration and insight.

Experience shows that schedule conflicts will prevent some participants from being able to join all nine sessions. Participating more is better, but you are welcome to attend as your schedule allows. After each session, participants will receive links to the audio recordings of all previous sessions, plus a survey for sharing feedback and for submitting questions for the next session.


The course is open to all. There are no prerequisites. Repeat participants and first timers are equally welcome.


GoToWebinar will be used as the conference line for the sessions. The call-in and login information will be provided to you upon registering.


The New Economics represents the culmination of W. Edwards Deming’s life’s work. In it, he shows how your organization can free itself of what he describes as the “prison” that is the prevailing management style. Through the System of Profound Knowledge, your organization will increase productivity, quality, and joy in work and learning! Financial success is just one of the many positive outcomes of Deming’s transformative approach.


The book is The New Economics for Industry, Government, Education 3rd Edition by W. Edwards Deming ISBN-13: 978-0262535939. Also available in Kindle and Audible formats. Please obtain your book and for the first session read the introductory text and the first two chapters.

Who Should Attend
Anyone who is interested in learning about the foundations of the Deming Philosophy!
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