During the last 13 years of his life, Dr. Deming focused on the transformation of management as the driving force of improvement in our businesses and organizations. Deming believed a new type of leadership was needed to replace the practices of the prevailing management style that were “humbling our industry, our education, our government.” He believed that management everywhere needed help to succeed.

In the Deming method, it is the leader’s role to accomplish organizational transformation and create a thriving and joyful enterprise. But knowing “what to do” is not enough; learning “how to do” makes the difference. This requires new knowledge and a new approach. The Deming philosophy removes barriers, increases efficiencies, reduces wasted time, boosts motivation, promotes collaboration and provides better insight into what is actually going on in the organization. Then, a meaningful focus can be brought to bear on creating a stronger, more prosperous business in which owners, leaders, workers, suppliers, customers, and communities all benefit.

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