If you work in government, thank you. You serve our greatest needs as a society: defense, emergency management, health, and education, to name but a few. Faced with budget changes and reduced financial support, and challenged by ever rising expectations, you need to create organizational systems and cultures that serve and sustain our communities - with a purpose focused on equity and productivity.

Dr. Deming believed that organizational aims for governments "must always relate to a better life for everyone." The Deming Philosophy will bring a systems approach to your management and leadership, recognizing the interdependence of all individuals, departments, and functions at all levels of government. This approach results in authentic cooperation, effective communication, and positive outcomes for both workers and the beneficiaries you serve. Your organization, large or small, will become more nimble and adaptable, able to respond to change, growth, and external forces for a more sustainable future.

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Challenges and Opportunities in Applying the Deming Philosophy in Government

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