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The Deming Institute offers dynamic and comprehensive in-person and virtual learning experiences such as conferences, seminars, and workshops. These Deming Institute hosted events bring together an exciting mix of executives, educators, administrators, practitioners, and students to explore, learn, and apply Dr. Deming's philosophies and theories.

Red Beads Activity


October 16-17, 2024 | Columbus, OH

Participants in this 2-Day seminar in Columbus, OH will understand and begin applying Deming's System of Profound Knowledge to lead and manage their organizations.

I am fired up after attending this seminar!" - 2023 Participant


Upcoming Events

2024 Deming Leadership Seminar for Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Managers

Seminar October 16 & 17, 2024

The 2024 Deming Leadership Seminar in Columbus, OH is a comprehensive two-day event designed for executives, entrepreneurs, managers, and their teams. Harness the power of Deming’s principles to build a thriving organizational culture. Learn how to improve employee retention, streamline operations, boost efficiency, and ignite innovation within your team. Click...

From Red Square Puzzles to Blue Pen Companies – Discover and Address Hidden Barriers to Teamwork

Forum March 19, 8:30am - 4:30pm

“It would be better if everyone would work together as a system, with the aim for everybody to win.” – W. Edwards Deming This year’s Bryce Canyon Society Deming Forum features an in-person 7-hour seminar on the foundations of teamwork and the connecting power and potential this provides to all organizations....

Past Events

Experience the transformative power of a custom Deming event.

The Deming Institute can create a special workshop, conference or seminar that will bring the impact and inspiration of Dr. Deming’s philosophies to your organization or company. To find out more please contact us.

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