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Management is prediction.

95% of changes made by management today make no improvement.

Training for a job must teach the customer’s needs

Nothing can do you so much harm as a lousy competitor. Be thankful for a good competitor.

The most important figures that one needs for management are unknown or unknowable.

Hopes without a method to achieve them will remain mere hopes

You can not inspect quality into a product.

Improvement of Quality and Productivity, to be successful in any company, must be a learning process, year by year, top management leading the whole company.

Data are not taken for museum purposes; they are taken as a basis for doing something. If nothing is to be done with the data, then there is no use in collecting any. The ultimate purpose of taking data is to provide a basis for action or a recommendation for action. The step intermediate between the collection of data and the action is prediction.

This may be the world’s most underdeveloped nation. We’re number 1.

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