Deming OnWard Campaign Donors and Volunteers

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Thank you to the following donors for their generous contributions to the success of the Deming OnWard Campaign, to bring DemingNEXT to the world!

Kelly Allan
Joris Aufenacker
Bill Bellows
Michael Bialaszewski
Robert and Diana Deming Cahill
Kevin and Judy Cahill
Vincent Cahill
Chris Chapman
Jacob Chapman
Cozart Lumber & Supply Co.,
   Phillip Whicker
Luke Cunningham
Nathan Cunningham
Dryden Mutual Insurance Company, Peter Vercillo
Steven Haedrich
Doug and Debbie Hall
Hallmark Building Supplies, Inc.,
   O. Joseph Balthazor
Mike Harkins
Tim Higgins
Jack Hillerich
Natalie Lamberjack

Paula Marshall
Lori Mitchell
MJ Murdock Charitable Trust
Dave Nave
Bruce Oglesby
Luciana Paulise
Leslie Peters
Robert Pragai
Lloyd Provost
Dan Robertson
Phil Rosenkrantz
David and Carole Schwinn
Leslie Silva
Sparkjoy Foundation,
    Keith and Mari Sparkjoy
Janine Stanley
Richard and Marie Steele
Darlene Suyematsu
Charles Tortise
Peter Vercillo
Andrew Warner
Anonymous (6)

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Thank you to the following volunteers who contributed their time, energy and expertise for the development of DemingNEXT online learning.

Jay Aguda
Monta Akin
Kelly Allan
Ed Baker
Carter Baxter
Allison Bellows
Bill Bellows
Rachell Bernhardt
Bob Browne
Diana Deming Cahill
Judy Cahill
Kevin Cahill
Vincent Cahill
Mike Carr
Jacob Chapman
Shar Ghoudsifar
Amber Gokcen
TJ Gokcen
Greg Guy
Steven Haedrich
Doug Hall
Katherine Hamilton
Jack Hillerich
Jennifer Horvath
David P. Langford

Josh Macht
Larkin Magner
Paula Marshall
Ron Moen
Sherm Moreland
Michael Mower
Dave Nave
C. Jane Norman
Cliff Norman
Joyce Orsini
Josef Pishek
Dan Robertson
Ravi Roy
Beth Savage
Dan Seger
Dennis Sergent
Keith Sparkjoy
Paul Spencer
Dick Steele
Stephanie Thompson
Travis Timmons
Mike Tveite
Fred Warmbier
Graeme Young

And thank you to everyone who has contributed to our blogs, podcasts, Deming profiles and presentations over the years, providing a wealth of resources to build DemingNEXT into a comprehensive collection of Deming content.

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