The formative years of W. Edwards Deming were shaped by a frontier upbringing that extolled the importance of people, the value of cooperation, and the deadliness of waste. There is no doubt that these values shaped his life and his beliefs of doing the best you can, continually seeking to improve upon that effort, and supporting the people you are responsible for.
Humble Beginnings & A Big Influence
October 1900W. Edwards Deming is born in Sioux City, Iowa on October 14.
1902Brother Robert is born.
1903 — 1906Lives on the Edwards farm 300 acres between Ames and Des Moines, Iowa.
1906The Deming family moves to Cody, Wyoming (Wyoming had become the 44th state in 1890).
1906The Demings are among first group of settlers in Powell, Wyoming.

Powell was a barren area made arable by irrigation. The marginal existence shared by this
community engenders in Deming a lifelong habit of thrift and hatred of waste.
1909Sister Elizabeth born.