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Deming Today® takes a fresh look at the teachings and theories of Dr. Deming and how they are being put into practice by individuals and organizations in the US and around the world today. What are their transformative experiences like? What challenges were faced along the way? What can a path of applying the Deming philosophy lead to for individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations, schools, and communities? Evolutionary or revolutionary, these stories, articles and blogs inspire and encourage us to take the bold and often courageous steps in embracing and applying the Deming philosophy today.  

Kevin Cahill, Executive Director of The W. Edwards Deming Institute®, Enriching Society through the Deming Philosophy

From The Deming Podcast, 11/14/2017

Kevin Cahill reflects on the first 24 years of The Deming Institute, founded by Dr. Deming before his passing in 1993.

Joshua Macht, Executive Vice President, Product Innovation, and Group Publisher of the Harvard Business Review (HBR) Group

From The Deming Podcast, 10/13/2017

Joshua Macht shares his goal of how to recast management ideas to those new to management.

Lori Fry, Business Management Consultant, Dignity (at work) Project

From The Deming Podcast, 9/14/2017

Lori Fry shares her inspiration for launching her "Dignity (at work) Project."  

Lori Fry, The Value of Dignity in Work: One Company Says $20

From The Deming Institute Blog, 8/10/2017

Read Lori Fry's blog on management, restroom breaks and the System of Profound Knowledge. 

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Bill Cooper, What Can a Leader Learn From Deming?

From The Deming Podcast, 7/19/2017

Bill Cooper shares stories on his 11-year relationship with Dr. Deming, which began when he was one of 22 attendees in a 1982 Four-Day seminar with Dr. Deming.

Lori Fry, Tree Climbing or Life-long Learning - What's the Real AIM of Our Education System?

From The Deming Institute Blog, 7/18/2017

Read Lori Fry's blog on "tree climbers" and "fish" and the true aim of education.

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Professor Brings Deming Institute to SUU

Read about The Deming Institute's partnership with Dr. Ravi Roy and Southern Utah University to create The W. Edwards Deming Incubator for Public Affairs (WEDIPA).  

Phil Monroe, Back to Basics - Theory & Tools of Quality Management

From The Deming Podcast, 7/6/2017

Phil Monroe harkens back to meeting Dr. Deming in 1983, while serving as the Commanding Officer of the Naval Air Rework Facility at North Island Naval Air Station, Coronado.

Lori Fry, Don't Gamble with your Company's Culture

From The Deming Institute Blog, 6/25/2017

Read Lori Fry's latest blog post from on a new way of defining, and shifting, culture in your organization.  

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Ed Baker, Author of The Symphony of Profound Knowledge

From The Deming Podcast, 5/24/2017

Hear Ed Baker share the story of his book, The Symphony of Profound Knowledge:  W. Edwards Deming's Score for Leading, Performing, and Living in Concert.

Watch a Q & A session with Ed Baker at Aileron