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Why do you give to The Deming Institute?

Dr. Deming's impact on me and our company's success has been immeasurable these past 35 years. Learning directly from him was one of my greatest honors.

Mark M.

Supporting sharing Deming Philosophy.

David W.

Corporate America (and the world) needs Deming's principles now more than ever!

Michael H.

Dr. Deming has been a major positive influence.


Deming is still relevant today.


Dr. Deming's work has been instrumental in my growth and work. I hope others can have the same opportunities I have had.

Doug S.

I am a supporter of Dr. Deming's legacy continuous learning programs and initiatives.


To make work better.

Lynda F.

Because it is a wonderful organization, with fabulous, outstanding leadership with a mission that will ultimately save the world.


"Keep up your great work. You are very much needed and respected."

John and Sandra

"The Deming philosophy changed my life."

Christina D.

"Deming is the best. His principles saved my company and, I believe, they can save the world!"

Matt M.

"In appreciation of the relentless efforts of the staff of The W. Edwards Deming Institute to support the Institute's aim."

Bill B.

"I like the work you are doing."



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