2012 Annual Fall Conference – Pre-Event


2012 Annual Fall Conference – Pre-Event

Education is in a global crisis. Costs are rising. Quality is decreasing. Learning is declining. Capability is disappearing. Personal responsibility is dwindling. The crisis affects us all.

Despite massive attempts to reform K-12 and university systems, gains in learning performance have been negligible or inconsistent, and many attempts at improvement have even made the situation worse. Can the system be saved? Can Dr. Deming’s insights into management, quality and productivity provide a pathway for transformation in the education system?

Join David P. Langford for an interactive, one-day pre-session exploring how to use Dr. Deming’s legacy to create a learning revolution in classrooms and schools throughout the world. Connect with others to discuss and understand:

  • What is learning?
  • How must monitoring and assessment change?
  • How can you create learning experiences?
  • What strategies create profound learning?
  • What new quality tools are used to improve learning?

Conference Schedule:

Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

At A Glance
Friday, October 5, 2012
Iowa State University Ames, Iowa
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