2015 Annual Conference


2015 Deming Institute Annual Conference
Next Generation Leadership
Disruptive by Design
September 18 – 20, 2015
Disruptive by design and empowering in practice, for individuals and organizations, Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s approach to improving quality, performance and innovation is more relevant and valuable than ever. Learn how challenging your preconceived notions about management and using the transformational leadership philosophy of Dr. Deming can propel you and your organization forward.
It’s a story best told by practitioners of The Deming System Of Profound Knowledge™. This conference features education and industry leaders who today are shaping their businesses, schools and organizations by disrupting the prevailing management concepts such as performance appraisals, sales commissions, and rating and ranking people. By challenging the status quo they are achieving new levels of performance and success. Whether you are a student or early in your career, a small business owner, educator or executive, you will come away with a positive and fresh perspective on how to successfully lead in the 21st century.

Eric Budd will open with our traditional conference overview of the Deming philosophy. This 90-minute session is designed to engage the newcomer to “Deming” as well as provide a refresher to those who currently apply and study the philosophy.

The late morning and afternoon sessions will feature speakers who are currently leading and shaping organizations around the world, through the application of The Deming philosophy. Each session will run 60 minutes including time for Q & A.

Saturday lunch will provide an opportunity to network with speakers and other attendees in a casual setting.

The afternoon will include a panel session, moderated by Kelly Allan, designed for additional questions and deeper learning with several of the speakers.

The Saturday sessions conclude with “Coffee Discussions,” led by Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry. The Coffee Discussions give attendees and speakers a chance to participate in deep small group conversation based on topics of mutual interest, drawing from the expertise and diversity around the table. These informal discussions were very popular at The Deming Research Conference in March.

Saturday evening’s events start with a reception at 5:30 pm followed by dinner and a keynote speaker, who will share personal experiences learning from and working with Dr. Deming.

Sunday September 20, 7:30-2:00 pm

Sunday will begin with breakfast from 7:30 – 8:45 am. Opening remarks from 8:45 am – 9:00 am will include information from The Deming Institute on upcoming events and additional learning opportunities.

The morning will feature two 60-minute speaker sessions, from 9:00 – 11:00 am, followed by the second of our “Coffee Discussions” led by Jim and Tonianne.

At 12:30 pm we wrap up the conference with a pizza lunch and networking.


Speaker Information

“There is No Instant Pudding: You Have to Show Up to Disrupt” Jim Benson, Founding Partner of Modus Institute and Author of Personal Kanban

“Is There Hope…?” Eric Budd, Improvement Coordinator, Peaker Services, Inc. and Board of Directors, Capital Quality & Innovation

Kevin Cahill, Executive Director, The W. Edwards Deming Institute®

“Nothing is More Disruptive to Education, Than Deming” David P. Langford, President and CEO, Langford International, Inc.

Paula Marshall, CEO, The Bama Companies, Inc.

Edward Rothman, Professor of Statistics at The University of Michigan Click On Image To See Agenda

“From Silos to Systems: Our Journey to World Class” Lisa Snyder, Superintendent of Schools, ISD 194-Lakeville Area Public Schools

“Driving Out Fear: Why and How” Doug Stilwell, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, Drake University and Mark Lane, Director of Human Resources, Urbandale Community School District

“Management is Prediction, Not Playing Games” Mike Tveite, Statistician, Polaris Industries, “2014 ASQ Deming Medalist”


Coffee Discussions- New This Year!

Led by Jim Benson & Tonianne DeMaria Barry, Modus Cooperandi

Based on the Lean Coffee™ format, created by Jim Benson and Jeremy Lightsmith, this flexible format allows groups to create an agenda at the last moment, then participate in systematic and deep discussions on topics of mutual importance. The discussions encourage participants to bring concepts they have heard into their own words and contexts. This generates conversations of shared value, an encourages diversity of thoughts and new ideas.


At A Glance
Friday, September 18, 2015 throughSunday, September 20, 2015
Iowa State University Ames, IA
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