First Annual Deming in Education Conference


First Annual

Deming in Education Conference


Featured Keynote Speakers:

Alfie Kohn • David P. Langford

I wonder if anything is more important than children and their education.

– Dr. W. Edwards Deming

Want to be a Dynamic Force For Improvement?

Join us November 6 – 8 for an education conference like no other. The Deming In Education Conference will shatter the existing beliefs that are perpetuating our education crisis. Hear the stories of leaders who are challenging the status quo to create exceptional learning environments that preserve our children’s natural curiosity and “yearning for learning”. Learn how the systems approach of Dr. W. Edwards Deming will liberate fear and ignite passion in students and educators alike.

People are asking for better schools, with no clear idea how to improve education, nor even how to define improvement of education.
– Dr. W. Edwards Deming

Featured Keynote: Alfie Kohn
National Speaker and Author on Education


Rescuing Learning from Grades, Tests, and “Data”

Alfie Kohn is the author of 14 books, as well as scores of articles, on human behavior, management, and education. Time has described him as “perhaps the country’s most outspoken critic of education’s fixation on grades [and] test scores.” Kohn’s books include No Contest: The Case Against Competition, Punished By Rewards, Feel-Bad Education, and, most recently, Schooling Beyond Measure. He lives in the Boston area, and (virtually) at

Featured Keynote: David P. Langford
International Education Consultant and Speaker


David P. Langford is a senior education facilitator for The Deming Institute and CEO of Langford International, Inc. David Langford has helped school districts improve their performance for the past 23 years. A former K-12 teacher and university professor, Mr. Langford has applied Dr. Deming’s principles in his own classroom, with individual schools, in school districts and in universities, leading to better student outcomes and more engaged teachers. He will describe the Deming methodology and processes, which inspire breakthrough innovation and world-class learning.


Kevin Cahill, Executive Director, The W. Edwards Deming Institute

Michael King and Jane Kovacs, Directors, Quality Learning Australia
“Finding Joy In Learning: Applying Deming’s Theory to Schools in Australia”

Linda Lippe, Professional Educator, Leander ISD
“Inquiring Minds: Improving Elementary Science in Leander ISD”

Jake Rodgers, Principal, Gold Bar Elementary and Phyllis Tubbs, 1st Grade Teacher at Gold Bar Elementary (Gold Bar, Washington)
“Dr. Deming’s Influence on One Elementary School Principal”

Helena Schwenter, Business Operations Specialist, Airplane Development, Boeing
“Becoming a Leader: How Quality Thinking Moved Me Forward”

Christine Simpson and Sarah Ambrus, Principal and Teacher, Leander ISD
“Riding Shotgun: Empowering Students To Lead Change”

Lisa Snyder, Superintendent of Schools, ISD 194-Lakeville Area Public Schools
“Silos to Systems; Our Journey to World Class”

JW Wilson, Executive Director, Advanced Learning Institute
“Why Some Things in Education Work…and Others Don’t”

Coffee Discussions

Led by Jim Benson & Tonianne DeMaria Barry, Modus Cooperandi
Based on the Lean Coffee™ format, created by Jim Benson and Jeremy Lightsmith, this flexible format allows groups to create an agenda at the last moment, then participate in systematic and deep discussions on topics of mutual interest and importance. The discussions encourage participants to bring concepts they have heard into their own words and contexts. This creates conversations of shared value, and encourages diverse thoughts and new ideas.

At A Glance
Friday, November 6, 2015 throughSunday, November 8, 2015
Cedarbrook Lodge Seattle, WA
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