Out Of The Crisis: How Control Charts Can Help Us Fight COVID-19 | Free Webinar

May 14, 2020 Online via GoTo Webinar
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Thank you for your interest in Out of the Crisis: How Control Charts Can Help Us Fight COVID-19. The response has been incredible! We were able to expand the audience to include another 150 participants, but unfortunately we do not have the capacity to accommodate more attendees at this time.


But we have great news for you! Balaji Reddie has graciously agreed to do a follow-up webinar on a second date – and you will receive priority registration. We will post an announcement as soon as we work out the details. To receive notification, please sign up for our mailing list.


Thursday, May 14, 2020
8:00 am – 9:00 am Pacific Time / 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm Indian Standard Time
This free, live webinar is presented Balaji Reddie, founder of the Deming Forum India and hosted by The Deming Institute. He’ll walk you through the control charts on COVID-19 data that he is sharing with the Indian government. And he’ll help you understand how you can use control charts in your organization to inform your management strategy. (Read the full article about how Balaji is using control charts in India today.)



Balaji S. Reddie
The Deming Forum India

Balaji S. Reddie is the founder of The Deming Forum India and was recently honored by the National Centre for Quality Management for 20 years of contribution to the field of Quality in India. An engineer by trade, Balaji became highly interested in the Deming Philosophy after a chance introduction to the founder of the British Deming Association, Dr. Henry R. Neave, who became Balaji’s mentor. Since then, Balaji has introduced thousands to Deming’s teachings, including presenting papers for private and public audiences, and serving for 10 years as an Adjunct Professor in management colleges with a focus on production, operations, and supply chains. He is currently employed with an educational group, the Sri Balaji Society, in his hometown of Pune, India.

Balaji’s contributions have been featured in textbooks and coursework on Quality and the Deming Philosophy. He holds a Degree in Electrical Engineering from COEP (the Government College of Engineering in Pune), and a Master of Science in Quality Management from BITS (Birla Institute of Technology & Science).

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Thursday, May 14, 2020
Online via GoTo Webinar
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