List of available courses here

  1. Red Bead Experiment
  2. System of Profound Knowledge
  3. Introduction to the Deming Difference
  4. Theory of Knowledge
  5. Appreciation for a System
  6. Knowledge of Variation
  7. Deming Lens: Cash Flow
  8. Deming Lens: Government Crisis
  9. Deming Lens: HealthCare Surveys
  10. The "String" Theory of Systems Management
  11. A Bad System Will Beat a Good Person Every Time
  12. A Brief History of Quality
  13. Anyone Can Cut Costs, Look Good and Go Out of Business
  14. Applying Deming Principles at Small and Medium Sized Businesses
  15. Are You a Systems Thinker?
  16. Big Data and the System of Profound Knowledge
  17. But It Doesn't Mean Anything
  18. Command and Control Management
  19. Continuous vs. Continual Improvement
  20. Create Constancy of Purpose
  21. Customer Focus with a Deming Perspective
  22. Deadly Disease of Management
  23. Deming and Lean: Disparities & Similarities
  24. Deming's Principles of Professional Practice
  25. Distorting the System, Distorting the Data, or Improving the System
  26. Hiring the Best and Brightest
  27. History and Evolution of the PDSA Cycle
  28. How to Start Applying Deming's Ideas on Management
  29. I See You: COVID and the Deming Lens
  30. Impact of Tampering on Variation
  31. Manage the System to Score a Whole in One
  32. Dignity at Work - (Lori Fry)
  33. Psychology: Deming on Management
  34. Reflections on the Toyota Production System
  35. Restoring Joy in Mudville
  36. Seeking Systemic Improvements: Root Cause
  37. The Landry Principle
  38. Transformation Paradox
  39. Understanding Relationships
  40. Who's Got Profound Knowledge?
  41. Bama Companies
  42. Carr Engineering
  43. Louisville Slugger
  44. New York Label & Box Works
  45. Peaker Services
  46. Psychology
  47. 2012 Deming Institute Annual Conference
  48. 2013 Deming Institute Annual Conference
  49. 2014 Deming Institute Annual Conference
  50. 2015 Deming Institute Annual Conference
  51. 2015 Deming Education Conference
  52. 2015 Deming Research Seminar
  53. 2016 Deming Institute Annual Conference
  54. Deming's Ideas Applied at Intermountain Healthcare
  55. 7 Reasons Competitive Tendering Fails
  56. Alternatives to Management by Objectives
  57. Banish the Silos
  58. Beyond Management by Objective
  59. Build an Environment Where Intrinsic Motivation Flourishes
  60. Deming and the Abdication of Leadership
  61. Deming's SOPK: How Do We Know What We Know?
  62. The Complete Deming Library Collection
  63. A Matter of Trust
  64. Excerpt: Deming the Man
  65. Deming's Impact on Ford - (Ed Baker)
  66. Problem Solving with Data-Driven Methods and the Innovative Engineering System - (Doug Hall)
  67. Healthcare Improvement
  68. Continual Improvement at Drake University
  69. Southern Utah University Aviation
  70. Excerpt: System of Profound Knowledge
  71. Excerpt: Chain Reaction of Quality
  72. MIT - Essential Deming
  73. Deming 4-day Seminar
  74. Deming CEO Seminar - 8 Hours
  75. 2007 Fall Conference
  76. The Deming Chain Reaction
  77. Deming's View of Performance Appraisals
  78. Don't Gamble With Your Company's Culture
  79. Dr. Deming Called for the Elimination of the Annual Performance Appraisal
  80. Dr. Deming on Leadership
  81. Drawing Lines: A Systems View
  82. Educate New Managers on Their New Responsibilities
  83. Eliminate Sales Commissions
  84. The Ethics of Deming
  85. Does Hitting Targets Do More Harm Than Good?
  86. Entrepreneurship as a Function of Quality
  87. Generation Y and Deming's Constancy of Purpose
  88. Looking at the Other Side of the Moon
  89. Organizational Sabotage: The Malpractice of Management by Objective
  90. Similarities Between Deming and Drucker
  91. Sustainable Development the Deming Way
  92. Systems Thinking and the Three Musketeers
  93. The Essential Deming - Book Review
  94. The Trouble with Motivation
  95. The Trouble with Tools
  96. Variation, So Meaningful Yet So Misunderstood
  97. What Agile Software Development Learned from Deming
  98. Why Conforming to Spec Isn't Enough
  99. Would Deming's Phone Still Ring Today?
  100. Evolution of the System of Profound Knowledge

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