Dave Nave

Business Management Coach, Dave Nave & Associates
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Introduced to Dr. Deming’s ideas in 1985 while working as a Manufacturing Engineer at Borg-Warner Automotive, Dave graduated from the first class of the Deming Scholars Program with a MBA in Management Systems (Fordham University) and has participated and supported The W. Edwards Deming Institute since its inception in 1993.

As a Business Management Coach at Dave Nave & Associates, Dave prefers to be close to the action and in touch with how the business actually runs. He is known for performing ‘Behind the Scenes’ miracles. Coaching effectively with workers, managers, project managers, support departments, and executives. Passionate about supporting people, using a balance of humanistic and technical insights.

Dave has a unique combination of operations, engineering, and management perspectives in aerospace, automotive, defense, and other industries. He has also designed assembly lines and worked as a machinist.

  • Process Improvement Task Force – multi-divisional (General Dynamics)
  • Division Product Improvement Group – multi-program (Boeing)
  • Plant ‘Turn-Around’ Efforts – (SPECO)
  • Factory ‘Start-Up’ – (NCR)

Dave is a natural coach, mentor, and teacher with an acute instinct for communicating complex ideas and theories in plain, easily understood English.


  • Coauthor book: Strategy Made Visible, Tangible, Indispensable: A Strategy Storyboard System. A model for creating a cohesive organization through aligned and synchronized Leadership
  • Improvement training and education platform, for integrating process improvement (Lean Six Sigma), product improvement (Value Engineering), and management structure (Business Process Analysis).
  • Solve late and unpredictable manufacturing cell by applying dynamic systems thinking. Create tabletop simulation for managers, operators, and support staff.
  • Selected by The W. Edwards Deming Institute® to help reconfigure, and became an Education and Training Representative for Dr. Deming’s famous “Four Day Seminar” (Dr. Deming was a renowned expert and pioneer in quality management)
  • Taught ‘Managing for Six Sigma Quality’ and ‘SPC’ events on the shop floor.


MBA in Management Systems (Deming Scholars MBA Program) from Fordham University, and a BS in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from the University of Southern Colorado.

Contributed, by invitation, to the creation of the ‘Lean Certification’ program, sponsored by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Association of Manufacturing Excellence, and the Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing.

Internationally published author in the application of improvement principles, methods, and practices.

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