Gina LaRosa Benedict

Principal Consultant, HR Solutions
Gina Larosa Benedict in a white jacket, with long brown hair, with green leaves and trees behind her.

Gina began with the Deming Institute by teaching the 2.5-day seminar in 2016, and continues to bring her engaging style to our seminars. Gina is the leader of the Human Resources function for Anchor QEA, an environmental consulting firm. She has been a HR practitioner for over 20 years and continues to speak at universities and industry conferences on the Deming philosophy and the role of HR.

Gina has worked for Fortune 50 companies and with small-to-medium size companies globally for 25 years. Her career has included firms involving consumer products; environmental consulting, engineering, and compliance; insurance, capital equipment manufacturing and sales; and advertising. She has also worked with start-ups, on product launches, and in the non-profit arena, including government. Gina works with executive teams in the areas of organizational structure, communication, leadership, succession, and talent development. She is certified to teach under the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) organization. 

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