H. Brian Hwarng

Professor of Analytics and Operations, NUS Business School, National University of Singapore
H. Brian Hwarng

Brian is Professor of Analytics and Operations at NUS Business School, National University of Singapore. From 2004 to 2020, he was the academic director of three different MBA programs at NUS Business School. Brian received his Ph.D. in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering from Arizona State University, USA. He was trained at Harvard Business School in participant-centered learning and case method teaching and is known to adopt interactive and engaging pedagogy in his teaching. He is the anchor faculty teaching Operations and Analytics (MBA) and Value Chains, Logistics, and Operations (both English and Chinese Executive MBA). In addition to many public and customized executive programs in public administration, banking and hospital management, he has conducted field research and provided executive and consulting services to organizations such as Jiuzhai Valley National Park, Din Tai Fung, Yamato Transport, Shanghai Baolong, Midea, Shunfeng Express, DHL, MediaTek, Baxter, Kerry Oils & Grains, etc.

Brian was first introduced to Dr. Deming’s teachings through the book Four Days with Dr. Deming – A Strategy for Modern Methods of Management by William J. Latzko and David M. Saunders in the 1990s. He went on to study Out of the Crisis and The New Economics studiously so that he could teach Deming management in his executive MBA courses. He was troubled by how to teach these sound principles effectively to his executive students until he developed an expanded version of the Funnel Experiment[1] in 2005. Over the years, he fine-tuned the various parameters of the experimental settings to explain the Fourteen Points and the System of Profound Knowledge visually with a hands-on approach. In 2016, the Expanded Funnel Experiment was recognized with the Decision Science Institute Instructional Innovation Award.

In 2021, Brian started to require his classes to go through DemingNEXT before he taught Deming management. DemingNEXT, in conjunction with the Expanded Funnel Experiment, proves to be a very powerful pedagogy to teach Deming management. Brian was instrumental in working with Kevin Cahill and the publishers in Beijing and Taipei to make the Chinese version of Out of the Crisis转危为安)and The New Economics戴明的新经济观 published again in 2014. Brian is committed to impacting more executive students with Dr. Deming’s liberating management principles.

[1] The Expanded Funnel Experiment was first presented outside his NUS classroom in the 21st International Deming Research Seminar, Georgetown University, 23‐24 March 2015.

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