Steven Haedrich

Associate Trustee, Secretary
Steven Haedrich

Steven Haedrich is the owner of New York Label & Box Works (NYLB), a packaging printer that has been in continuous operation since 1878. Steven is the third generation of his family to run the company that was purchased by his grandfather in the Great Depression of 1930. NYLB specializes in innovative packaging such as re-sealable labels, UV inks on clear films and folding carton packaging. NYLB recently has been recognized as a leader in brand protection and anti-counterfeiting technology for high value products. Their clients are mainly in the vitamin, cosmetic and food industries.

Steven became involved with Dr. Deming’s philosophy and earnestly adopted it shortly after taking over operations in 1996, when NYLB’s largest customer demanded improved quality from all its vendors. With that client edict, Steven began to read everything he could about quality. He soon discovered that in every book he read, he saw the name “Deming.”

That began Steven’s and NYLB’s “Deming journey.” Over the past twenty years NYLB has studied and implemented the Deming philosophy, advancing their systems, efficiency and quality rating. Their focus on R & D has given them a competitive advantage that has helped them grow and prosper even during economic fluctuations in the marketplace. Worker turnover is virtually zero and the management team has been intact for over 20 years. NYLB continues to aspire to be a model Deming Company to validate Dr. Deming’s theories and support his philosophy.

Steven joined the Board of Directors of The Deming Institute in 2015, is a member of the Advisory Board of Printing Industries of America, and Past President of the Northeast Label Manufacturers Association.


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