Chinese Language Edition of Out of the Crisis by W. Edwards Deming

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By John Hunter, author of the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog.

Out of the Crisis, cover of Chinese edition

The Deming Institute has arranged to have a Chinese language version of W. Edwards Deming’s classic, Out of the Crisis, published. You may order the book online.

An excerpt from the forward (by Kevin Cahill and Kelly Allan) to this new Chinese edition of Deming’s Out of the Crisis:

Many executives also make the error of circumscribing Deming’s teachings into “Operations Management” or “Quality Management.” They do this because they were not taught that in Deming’s world, making profits and making quality are the same. That being a leader means seeing the organization as a system –and a system that (with a focus on quality) sets off a positive, virtuous cycle.

Instead, too many business schools suggest that a “quality department” handle the quality. Dr. Deming foresaw the problems with this, and he is clear that quality is the responsibility of leaders and “quality starts in the boardroom.” For Deming, quality was a strategic endeavor, not merely a technical one with tools (such as flow charts, Pareto charts, run charts, scatter plots et cetera), gauges, and statistics.

That is one of the key messages of Out of the Crisis: Quality does not exist in a vacuum on the factory floor, nor at the delivery point of providing services. Quality methods and tools can only be fully utilized if the management method in use in an organization makes it possible for quality to be readily produced.

I can’t read Chinese but I am pretty confident this image shows the organization as a system graphic, with Chinese text:

organization as a system, Chinese text

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