Deming Conference Webcast: Paula Marshall, CEO, The Bama Companies

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By John Hunter, author of the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog (since 2004).

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Paula Marshall, CEO, The Bama Companies presentation at The W. Edwards Deming Institute 2014 annual conference.

Her company bakes all the apple pies for McDonalds. When the quality issues were failing to meet McDonalds rising expectations in 1988, she was told to watch a video of “If Japan Can, Why Can’t We” by her contact at McDonalds. And McDonalds also told her to go to a Deming 4 day seminar.

Over the next few years I was able to transform my company because of my work with Dr. Deming.

At The Bama Companies today all her new managers get 40 hours of meetings and seminars with her. Those hands on training sessions involve them getting data from their work and using Deming’s ideas to evaluate and improve processes while learning management improvement practices.

In the presentation she provides insight into her experience meeting Dr. Deming and working with him over the years to manage her company.

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