The Annual Bryce Canyon Society Forum: W. Edwards Deming in the 21st Century – In Search of Excellence | 1 Day | April 2019

Presented by The W. Edwards Deming Institute® and Southern Utah University

“People blame their plight on to the government and its leaders, or to management and its leaders. They may be correct. But will change in leadership bring better living?”

Forum Aim

Start your Deming transformation! Experience incredible opportunities to create joy in your work and life, resulting in lasting success – however you define it. 

What To Expect

You’ll hear from Deming experts on the fundamentals of the Deming Philosophy, as well as the relevance and application of Deming in today’s complex world. You’ll network with leaders from a variety of industries and sectors who are dedicated to driving out fear and harnessing the power of genuine collaboration. Whether you are a long-time Deming enthusiast or new to the community, this Forum is for you! Check out our full Forum Schedule for details.

Speakers & Facilitators


Bill Bellows, Ph.D.
President, InThinking Services, Inc.

Bill Bellows is 35+ year specialist in the fields of Quality and Engineering Management. In addition to his role as Adjunct Professor for California State University, Northridge and Southern Utah University, he serves as President of InThinking Services, partnering with clients to facilitate both the understanding and application of the Deming Philosophy and integrating this philosophy within a greater framework of “better thinking about thinking,” a concept known as “InThinking.”

Bill’s career includes 26 years of employment with Rocketdyne, the world’s premier liquid rocket engine company, providing leadership for “InThinking.” In addition to extensive application experience in the continual improvement of Rocketdyne’s products, processes, and services, these efforts included the design of a highly integrated curriculum of 200+ hours of learning events, known as “An InThinking Roadmap.”

Upon retiring Rocketdyne in 2016, Bill joined the The W. Edwards Deming Institute® for 2.5-years as Deputy Director to share his lessons learned within a worldwide Deming community. Today, as a member of The Deming Institute’s Advisory Council, he continues to tirelessly coach, mentor, facilitate, and advocate for the Institute’s aim.

Audiences for Bill’s presentations and seminars include after-school programs in elementary schools, graduate students at Northwestern University, as well as corporate, university, and public classes across the United Kingdom. Bill earned his BS, MS, and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. In addition to his employment by Rocketdyne, Bill worked as a heat transfer engineer in the gas turbine industry for Textron Lycoming in Stratford, Connecticut. In this role, he gained experience as an in-house problem-solving consultant, facilitator, and instructor, working in critical Engineering-Manufacturing Task Forces.

Away from work, Bill serves as chairman of the Deming Medal Committee for the American Society of Quality. He was also the founding president of the In2:InThinking Network, a position he held from 2001 through 2016.   He lives in Santa Clarita, California, with his wife, Monica.

Dr. Ravi Roy
The W. Edwards Deming Institute®

Ravi is The Deming Institute’s inaugural Fellow. He is also Director of the W. Edwards Deming Quality, Innovation & Leadership Incubator (QUIL), and Senior Consultant of Quality of Management in the Department of Aviation at Southern Utah University. (Read More)

Keith Sparkjoy
The W. Edwards Deming Institute®

Keith Sparkjoy is Associate Trustee of The Deming Institute and Vice President of The Sparkjoy Foundation, as well as a lifelong learner with a love for computer programming. Guided by the Deming Philosophy, he helped build an online learning system whose aim was to democratize technology learning. (Read More)

Paul Zak
Center for Neuroeconomics Studies, Claremont Graduate University

Paul is on a quest to understand the neuroscience of human connection, human happiness, and effective teamwork. His latest book, Trust Factor: The Science of Creating High Performance Companies, uses neuroscience to measure and manage organizational cultures to inspire teamwork and accelerate business outcomes. (Read More)

Mike Mower
Department of Aviation at Southern Utah University

Mike is the Executive Director and Chief Flight Instructor at the Department of Aviation at Southern Utah University. He started SUU’s Aviation program in 2013 with 3 aircraft, 10 instructors, and 2 mechanics.  Today, the program has made Cedar City Regional Airport the 2nd busiest in the State of Utah, adding dozens of aircraft, instructors, and mechanics, hundreds of students, 5 departments, and 3 new degree programs, including a graduate degree. SUU was also the first flight school to ever write, lobby for, and get passed into law new FAA regulations. These achievements could only have been realized through Deming.

Paul Spencer
Second Nature Solutions

Paul is the Managing Partner and founder of Second Nature Solutions, whose mission is to guide small business owners along a path to foster growth, innovation, and joy at work – all with the understanding that each community thrives on the excellence and success of its small businesses. Paul also serves as CIO at Healthii and as Research Fellow at Pomiet, each a co-founded endeavor.

9:00 AM          Welcome (including continental breakfast)

9:30 AM          Opening Remarks, Mike Mower, Executive Director, SUU Aviation and Dr. Ravi Roy,  Director, W. Edwards Deming Quality, Innovation & Leadership Incubator (QUIL)

9:50 AM          Why Deming? Why Now?, Kevin Edwards Cahill, Executive Director, The Deming Institute

10:15 AM        The Trust Factor, Dr. Paul Zak, Neuroeconomist and Author

10:45 AM        Break

11:00 AM        The Deming Philosophy – Part 1 – Lessons of the Beads, Dr. Bill Bellows, Deputy Director, The Deming Institute

12:00 PM         Lunch

1:15 PM           The Deming Philosophy – Part 2 – On Baseball, Bowling Balls, & Teamwork, Dr. Bill Bellows

2:15 PM           Break

2:30 PM           The Deming Philosophy – Part 3 – Organizations as Unusual, Dr. Bill Bellows

3:45 PM           Break

2:30 PM           The Deming Philosophy – Part 4 – In Search of Excellence, Dr. Bill Bellows

4:45 PM           Reflections, Keith Sparkjoy, Associate Trustee, The Deming Institute

5:00 PM           Reception

At A Glance
Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Southern Utah University, Professional Pilot Aviation Program
2410 Aviation Way
Cedar City, UT 84720 USA
What's Included

Continental breakfast, lunch, light snacks, & beverages

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