Getting an Early Appreciation for Deming’s Ideas

By John Hunter, founder of

Nicole Roy reading The New Economics to her sister Yianna
Nicole Roy reading The New Economics to her sister, Yianna

Dr. Ravi Roy is the inaugural W. Edwards Deming Fellow with The W. Edwards Deming Institute. He also serves as Director of the Public Administration program at Southern Utah University.

We received this adorable photo from proud papa Ravi Roy of his older daughter Nicole, reading The New Economics to her younger sister, Yianna. Little Yianna is actually the one who requested the book after hearing her father talk about Dr. Deming with Kevin Cahill, Dr. Deming’s grandson and Executive Director of the Deming Institute. Happy reading, girls!

It is great to get an early start viewing the world systemically and with an understanding of variation. I know, I had such an early start with my father, Bill Hunter. I still remember his lesson to my 2nd grade class on variation taught with each of us rolling dice.

And as my brother and I grew up we were taught to use data to learn, joy in work (respect for people and the importance of engaging everyone in improvement), and to experiment to test theories and continually improve. We both grew up to apply those lessons in our day to day lives and our work. Those early lessons have been extremely valuable to helping us navigate the world.

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