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Top management should publish a resolution that no one will lose his job for contribution to quality and productivity.

Training for a job must teach the customer’s needs.

Where-ever there’s fear you get wrong figures.

Why does a bank close? Ever heard of a bank that closed? Why did it close? Mistakes at the tellers’ windows? Sluggishness at the tellers’ windows? Mistakes in bank statements? Mistakes in calculations of interest on loans? Nonsense. All those operations could go off without blemish and the bank could close just the same. Bad loans. That’s why it closed. Where’s quality made? In the board room, at the top. There’s where quality is made. Jobs are dependent on management’s foresight to design products and services to entice customers, and build a market. To be ready ahead of the customer.

You can learn a lot about ice and still not understand water.

You cannot inspect quality into a product.

You cannot inspect quality into a product.

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