The Most Popular Videos on Our YouTube Channel in 2017

Guest post by John Hunter.

Here are the most popular videos on The W. Edwards Deming Institute You Tube channel in the last year. Those with W. Edwards Deming in them are the most popular.

YouTube video

The videos with the most views in the last year:

  1. W. Edwards Deming: The 14 Points: 46,000 views in 2017 (added 3 years ago – 106,000 total views all time).
  2. If Japan Can Why Can’t We: 17,000 views (2 years – 39,000).
  3. Dr. Deming – The 5 Deadly Diseases (1984): 15,000 (8 years – 135,000 total views)
  4. The Red Bead Experiment with Dr. W. Edwards Deming: 13,000 views (3 years – 65,000).
  5. Lessons from the Red Bead Experiment with W. Edwards Deming: 8,000 views (3 years – 20,500)
  6. Deming The Man: 3,000 views (4 years – 15,500).
  7. The Schools Our Children Deserve by Alfie Kohn from the 2015 Deming in Education conference: 2,900 views (2 years – 5,500)
  8. Red Bead Experiment (a longer video than the excerpts from this that are listed above): 2,100 views (2 years – 5,300)
  9. Deming 101 – An Introduction to Dr. Deming’s Teachings by Peter Scholtes (this shows Peter’s full presentation at our 2008 conference in Madison, Wisconsin): 1,900 views (4 years – 6,300)
  10. Deming 101 – Theory of Knowledge/PDSA (This video has excerpts from Ian Bradbury’s presentation at our annual conference in 2013): 1,400 views (3 years – 4,900)

The most popular video posted in 2017 was Deming 101 – Curiosity, Learning, Knowledge, and Improvement by Tim Higgins: 800 views.

The W. Edwards Deming Institute You Tube channel provides a large number of great videos. And the great content is not limited to the most popular videos, there are many wonderful videos that receive fewer views.

A few of the less viewed videos that I highly recommend:

YouTube video

See our popular 2016 videos post for more of these gems, I didn’t duplicate any I listed there in this list.

Go visit our YouTube channel to find many more great videos. You can also join the 2,800 people who are subscribed to our channel.

The content we have added to our channel includes videos with Dr. Deming as well as full presentations from our conferences for the last several years.

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Other videos with more than 500 views in 2017 or over 2,000 total views:

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