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Guest post by John Hunter, author of Management Matters: Building Enterprise Capability.

We created The W. Edwards Deming Institute You Tube channel over 11 years ago. Since then, tens of thousands of people have enjoyed and learned from the videos we have posted. Unsurprisingly, those with W. Edwards Deming in them are the most viewed.

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Here are the videos with the most views since we started sharing them online:

  1. W. Edwards Deming: The 14 Points (203,000 total views all time – it has been online for 6 years)
  2. Dr. Deming – The 5 Deadly Diseases (1984) (158,000 – 11 years)
  3. The Red Bead Experiment with Dr. W. Edwards Deming (131,000 – 6 years)
  4. If Japan Can Why Can’t We (82,000 – 5 years)
  5. Lessons from the Red Bead Experiment with W. Edwards Deming (46,000 – 6 years)
  6. Deming The Man (29,000 – 7 years)
  7. Red Beads, long version (14,000 – 5 years)
  8. The Schools Our Children Deserve Alfie Kohn’s presentation at the 2015 Deming in Education conference (13,000 – 5 years)
  9. Lessons Of The Red Beads, long version (8,800 – 5 years)
  10. Deming 101 – An Introduction to Dr. Deming’s Teachings the full presentation by Peter Scholtes at our 2008 conference in Madison, Wisconsin (8,800 – 7 years)

The most popular videos posted in the last 4 years:

  1. Why Deming, Why Now? (8,600 views – 2 years)
  2. Deming 101 – Curiosity, Learning, Knowledge, and Improvement by Tim Higgins (2,200 – 4 years)
  3. Why Deming? Why Now? Why…India? by Balaji Reddie (1,800 – 1 year)
  4. The Deming Management Method (Thinking Beyond Bridges) by Bill Bellows (1,800 – 3 years)
  5. Out of The Crisis: How Control Charts Can Help Us Fight COVID 19 by Balaji Reddie (1,600 – 6 months ago)
  6. The Neuroscience of Deming by JW Wilson (1,300 – 3 years)

The W. Edwards Deming Institute® YouTube channel provides a large number of great videos. And the great content is not limited to the most popular videos; there are many wonderful videos that receive fewer views.

A few of the less viewed videos that I highly recommend:

YouTube video

Visit our YouTube channel to find many more great videos, and join the 5,800 people already subscribed.

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