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Post by Kevin Cahill, Executive Director of The Deming Institute.

John Hunter has led the blogging efforts of The Deming Institute, including our first post on October 1, 2012, followed by biweekly posts ever since.   As we transition the role of hosting our blogs from John to Bill Bellows, our Deputy Director, we are grateful that John will continue to serve as a guest blogger, continuing to contribute his remarkable appreciation of The Deming System of Profound Knowledge™.

In his first post, John dedicated himself to “trying to explore Deming’s ideas through his work and through the application of his ideas in organizations.”   John added,  “In doing so, my opinions will influence what I write. My goal is to stay true to his ideas and thoughts while also seeing how those ideas have been applied, interpreted and extended by others.”

At this time of transition, we would like to honor John’s steadfast commitment to both The Deming Institute and our worldwide community of students and practitioners of Dr. Deming’s philosophy.  For 4+ years, John has created a steady stream of blogs that serve our aim of fostering an ever-expanding appreciation of the distinctiveness and broad applicability of the Deming philosophy.

Looking ahead, Bill will collaborate with John and a community of guest bloggers, as well as offer his own insightful contributions to our blog site.

As always, we welcome feedback on our posts, as well as suggestions for topics of exploration.

Kevin Cahill
Executive Director
The W. Edwards Deming Institute®

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