A Deming Gift for You this Giving Tuesday

It’s Giving Tuesday! And we’d like to celebrate with you, since generosity is at the heart of the Deming Philosophy. As a Deming person, you are generous with your time and expertise; many of you have contributed to this blog, offered valuable comments and insight, and shared posts with others in order to spread the Deming approach far and wide. You are committed to creating a more prosperous and peaceful world where everyone finds joy and pride in what they do. And you understand that Dr. Deming gave us an incredible gift of a roadmap on how to get there, a System of Profound Knowledge that we all can use to improve our lives and organizations.

Five Deming Gifts for You

For being a part of this blog and this work, we would like to thank you. During this Season of Generosity, we will be releasing five special Deming Gifts that we hope you will also share with others.

Here are the first two Deming Gifts: beautifully designed, downloadable pdfs for you to print, email and share:

GIFT #1: The Deming System of Profound Knowledge®

GIFT #2: The Plan, Do, Study, Act Cycle

Give Back, and Double Your Generosity!

Help raise $25,000 by December 31 in order to continue to bring this free blog – as well as the gift of Deming’s teachings – to more people. Please give to the Season of Generosity campaign by December 31. Thanks to a generous anonymous donor, the first $10,000 contributed to the campaign will be matched, dollar for dollar!

Why Give?

Your support today will sustain, improve, and expand free resources like The Deming Institute blog and podcast. You will keep our learning events affordable, and provide scholarships for those who would otherwise not have access to Deming’s powerful and transformative philosophy. The positive impact on our shared community is immeasurable and invaluable!

Help reach this milestone by spreading the word. Share our year-end campaign with your networks!

Thank You!

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