Christina Dragonetti

Extraordinary Results

By Christina Dragonetti / February 8, 2024 / 0 Comments

This is the final installation of Martin Laurent’s story of transforming a GM plant using the Deming philosophy. He shares the extraordinary results of his team’s efforts.

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Our Unique System

By Christina Dragonetti / February 1, 2024 / 0 Comments

Martin Laurent’s story of transforming a GM plant using Deming continues. (Part 3 in a 4-Part Series)

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Putting Deming Thinking into Practice

By Christina Dragonetti / January 25, 2024 / 0 Comments

Marty Laurent describes how he took Deming thinking into a GM plant. He adapted to meet the local conditions and, over nine years, his team achieved tremendous success. (Part 2 in a 4-part series.)

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15 Minutes That Lasted 6 Hours

By Christina Dragonetti / January 18, 2024 / 2 Comments

Guest post by Marty Laurent: My 15-minute presentation lasted 6 hours. By the end, I had learned more from Dr. Deming than I had in all my years in college. (Part 1 in 4-part series.)

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Education at a Crossroads: The Perils of Competition in K-12 Education

By Christina Dragonetti / November 2, 2023 / 2 Comments

The aim of this article is to specifically address the topic of competition among schools and districts as a means to improve the performance of the education system. (Hint: it doesn’t work!)

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A Toast to Dr. W. Edwards Deming

A Toast to Dr. W. Edwards Deming in Honor of his Birthday

By Christina Dragonetti / October 12, 2023 / 3 Comments

It is a great pleasure to offer a toast to Dr. Deming. He was a friend and mentor for 30 years. I cried when he died and would cry again today if I were here with you. And I am not alone. Dr. Deming touched many people’s lives in a very deep way.

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It’s More than Numbers: New Insights About Common and Special Cause Variation

It’s More than Numbers: New Insights About Common and Special Cause Variation

By Christina Dragonetti / October 4, 2023 / 3 Comments

In this guest post, Dr. Doug Stilwell shares his fresh insight into common and special cause variation – and how that concept can apply to emotions.

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The Golden Gate Bridge in the fog with a single pelican flying over.

The Joy and Irony of a Leadership Career

By Christina Dragonetti / July 31, 2023 / 5 Comments

In this guest post, Dr. Doug Stilwell reflects on his long career in education and shares the impact of Dr. Deming’s teachings on his work.

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Dr. Deming in his 80s, standing with his back to the audience writing on a green chalkboard. He is wearing a blue sports coat, has a bald head, and wears glasses.

A Beginner’s Guide to Control Charts

By Christina Dragonetti / June 15, 2023 / 1 Comment

The Deming philosophy is like an onion: it’s got layers. I’ve been studying the System of Profound Knowledge and all it entails for almost 2 years, and I’m at layer 4 or 5, I think. I love the aspects I understand and how my thinking has changed. Plus, I’m constantly learning new things that shift […]

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Old telephones in several colors lined up horizontally.

If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now

By Christina Dragonetti / May 31, 2023 / 1 Comment

(Guest post from Edward Martin Baker) As we get older, more experienced, and maybe wiser, some of us may reflect on what we could have done differently when we were younger – if we knew then what we know now. I have recently been reflecting on my teaching of introductory statistics when I was a graduate school teaching fellow in the distant past.

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