Deming Institute 4 Day Seminar, 27 to 30 April 2015, Columbus, Ohio

By John Hunter, author of the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog (since 2004).

Systems Thinking and Leadership for Owners, Executives, Leaders and Managers

27 to 30 April 2015
Columbus, Ohio

Aim: To create leadership excellence that results in significant performance improvement.

Dr. Deming’s philosophy removes barriers, increases efficiencies, reduces wasted time, boosts motivation and provides better insight into what is actually going on in the organization and the true capabilities of the organization. Thus, a meaningful focus can be brought to bear on innovation, planning and competitiveness. You may already know about Deming Quality – now take the opportunity to learn and apply Deming-based leadership. Certain parts are simple and easy – some things you can just stop doing, as a leader – and productivity will increase. You can enjoy even more benefits as you learn and apply the four key components of Deming-based leadership.

This seminar explores simple and powerful principles for anyone who manages people, or holds an executive responsibility in an organization.

This four-day seminar consists of four components:

  1. Understanding of and appreciation for the organization as a system
    A organization can not manage itself. It must be managed. Here we teach how you should design and manage your organizational systems and processes. The leader’s job is to optimize the organization by getting all its components working together towards accomplishment of the organization’s aim.
  2. Understanding variation
    This module teaches the different causes and types of variation, and why it is important to recognize them, so that the correct action can be taken. Management action has to be based on science and knowledge. Intuition will not suffice.
  3. Understanding organizational psychology and motivation of people
    People are different from one another. We need to understand and manage these differences. Fear in an organization produces fudged figures and poor performance. Management by intimidation and fear will result in loss of revenue.
  4. Understanding and applying knowledge-based leadership
    There is no substitute for knowledge. All people decide what to do based on what they believe to be true. A common set of appropriate beliefs is necessary to create performance improvement through leadership excellence.

Dr. Deming’s books, Out of the Crisis and The New Economics for Industry, Government, Education, are included as supplemental readings at the seminar.

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