Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge

By John Hunter, founder of

The System Of Profound Knowledge® (SoPK) is the culmination of W. Edwards Deming’s lifelong work. The SoPK ties together Dr. Deming’s seminal theories and teachings on quality, management and leadership into four interrelated areas: appreciation for a system, knowledge of variation, theory of knowledge and psychology.

image of the Understanding Profound Knowledge, Deming Library video

Over the next four days we will dedicate a post to each of the four areas of Dr. Deming’s management system.

He laid out this view in his many four day seminars, over the decades and on the Deming Library videos. The New Economics also goes into detail on these topics. While he taught that this system view was the key to implementing his ideas, often minor pieces of what he taught are presented as the total of what he taught. One of our goals with the blog is to make it easier for people to learn about not just a few tools that he helped popularize, but to help people adopt the whole management system he presented.

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