The Democratic Corporation

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Guest post by John Hunter, author of Management Matters: Building Enterprise Capability.

This video shows part 4 of a Russell Ackoff presentation from 2003 on Systems Thinking and Management.

YouTube video

In this part of the presentation, Ackoff discusses the difference between authority and influence. In complex organizations, trying to rule by authority is difficult and ineffective. To lead organizations, we must understand systems thinking and the implications of influencing the system throughout the system. In addition, he discusses the idea of the democratic corporation; he wrote a book about that concept.

It is absolutely essential that the people that have to implement a plan do the planning.

Planners (people with specific expertise) should help those that have to plan to do so effectively.
As usual, Ackoff packs wisdom into his presentation. The democratic corporation ideas presented in this part of the presentation are pretty radical. If you find them interesting, the book provides more detail and explanation. Enjoy watching this presentation.

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