Why Deming? Why Now? Why…India?

Guest post by John Hunter, author of Management Matters: Building Enterprise Capability.

This webcast shows Balaji Reddie’s presentation, Why Deming? Why Now? Why India?, given at the 25th Annual W. Edwards Deming Institute Conference in 2018.

YouTube video

A powerful point Balaji Reddie made during the presentation was that you learn about Deming’s ideas by applying them. Just reading is not enough, you must apply the ideas and learn from that experience.

By applying Deming’s ideas and practicing introspection (studying and thinking about what you see happening) you gain an appreciation for the interaction between the parts of the management system while you learn to view the organization as a system.

Balaji Reddie went on to discuss his belief that India is ready and needs to take an Deming approach to improvement country-wide. That takes long term thinking and considering the large scale systems within the country and creating, implementing and adjusting system improvements with an understanding of Deming’s ideas.

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