2014 Deming Prize Awardees

By John Hunter, founder of CuriousCat.com.

image of the Deming Prize medal

The Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) has announced the 2014 Deming Prize winners.

The companies awarded the Deming Prize this year are:

An organization based in USA received a Deming Prize for only the 2nd time since 2000; also this is only the 4th time a USA company has every received the Deming Prize. GC America is a subsidiary: the parent company (based in Japan) received the Deming Prize and then the Japan Quality Award (since renamed to the Deming Grand Prize). Their China subsidiary received the Deming Prize in 2010. The GC chairman also received the individual Deming Prize in 2012.

Mahindra & Mahindra has also received previous awards. M&M’s Farm Equipment Sector won the Deming Prize in 2003. Entire companies, or divisions may apply for the award. In 2007 M&M’s Farm Equipment Sector won the Japan Quality Award.

Since 2000 organizations based in India have received the most Deming Prizes; Japan is second, just ahead of Thailand.

Distribution of winning organizations since 2000 (including prizes for 2013)

  • India – 21
  • Japan – 12
  • Thailand – 11
  • China – 2
  • USA – 2
  • Singapore – 1
  • Taiwan – 1

3 years after a company has received the Deming Prize they may apply to the top prize. That prize has previously been named the Japan Quality Medal but was renamed, in 2012, to the Deming Grand Prize. I believe no Deming Grand Prize was awarded for 2014.

2014 Deming Prize for Individuals

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Webcast with Scott Bradshaw of GC America

YouTube video

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