David and Carole Schwinn Presentation on The Man, The Mission, The Movement

By John Hunter, author of the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog (since 2004).

David and Carole Schwinn’s presentation at the 2016 Annual Deming Conference: The Man, The Mission, The Movement:

YouTube video

David Schwinn talking about Dr. Deming’s work at Ford

Dr. Deming would come and talk to top management and come and listen to the workers. That is what he did. And he would do this over and over and over again.

Dr. Deming’s willingness to criticize senior executives directly, even at huge companies (GM, Ford…), is well known. His talking directly with and listening to workers is less well known. But those that worked closely with him saw a huge difference between his respect for all workers at how many consultants (and executives and managers) acted.

Carol mentioned a group study visit to Japan that they took in 1985. Peter Scholtes, another participant, wrote about that visit and I posted on our blog previously: My First Trip To Japan by Peter Scholtes.

They both referred to W. Edwards Deming drive to improve not just management but people’s lives. I think this is an important aspect that many people overlook. I discussed that idea in the first post on this blog: Dr. Deming’s personal aim was to advance commerce, prosperity and peace.

No community need be poor if it has people and good management. No country need be poor if it has people and good management.

– W. Edwards Deming

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