First Annual Deming in Education Conference, 6-8 November 2015

By John Hunter, founder of

Join us 6-8 November 2015 for the First Annual Deming in Education Conference at the Cedarbrook Lodge in Seattle, Washington.

Alfie Kohn and David Langford will be featured speakers at the conference. Also, conference attendees will have the opportunity to here from:

  • Kevin Cahill, Executive Director, The W. Edwards Deming Institute®
  • Michael King and Jane Kovacs, Directors, Quality Learning Australia
  • Jake Rodgers, Principal, Gold Bar Elementary (Gold Bar, Washington)
  • Christine Simpson and Sarah Ambrus, Principal and Teacher, Leander ISD (Austin, Texas)
  • Lisa Snyder, Superintendent of Schools, ISD 194-Lakeville Area Public Schools (MN)
  • JW Wilson, Executive Director, Advanced Learning Institute

See the agenda.

Hear the stories of leaders who are challenging the status quo to create exceptional learning environments that preserves our children’s natural curiosity and “yearning for learning”. Learn how the systems approach of Dr. W. Edwards Deming will liberate fear and ignite passion in students and educators alike. Come discover the true potential and future of education in our country.

This conference is for educators, administrators, business and organizational leaders interested in making a profound and sustained difference in education and quality learning.

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YouTube video

Change has to Start from the Top, David Langford at 2013 Deming Conference.

A limited number of scholarships will be available for individuals requiring financial assistance to attend the conference. Scholarships will cover the full amount of the registration fee. To apply complete the scholarship application.

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